Having a clearly defined process when approaching any project is essential for guaranteeing quality in the results of everything we do. Ordering the steps allows us to optimize time and resources, giving us a map which we share with the client to keep them oriented on the state of the project at all times.


Receipt &
analysis of

Without the necessary information, there is no starting point. We need to know all the requirements of the order to be able to begin the work process. In this phase there can be two cases:
A. Pre-defined design and distribution. We just need to receive all the existing documentation to put together a precise estimate.
B. Design and distribution to be defined. In this case, it will be necessary for the client to provide a premise for the requirements of the project so that our design department can offer a tailored and adapted project.

In both cases, having the documentation is fundamental for us to proceed with the selection of materials and go on to offer a precise valuation. Naturally, once the financial estimate has been accepted, we enter a process that is open to any possibilities of improvement and modification.


Drawings &
samples of

With an accepted estimate, we send our clients plans in which they can see the final proposal in terms of design and delivery. This is also the moment in which the finishes of the project are confirmed, either through selection from one or more of the samples we offer or adapting to any samples the client may provide. In the latter case, we will always provide a counter-sample to physically send to the client. At Eleán Buccó we consider the project approved once plans and samples are signed by our client, along with the accepted estimate and compliance with the previously agreed terms of payment.


3D Development

As an extra service, the design department at Eleán Buccó offers our clients the possibility to visualize the proposal in 3D, creating several realistic images of what the final result of each project will be. This phase aids decision making enormously.



With the project approved, in steps our technical department. Our engineers obtain a precise study of the project, aided by the suitable software. So that no detail is overlooked, we recommend that one of our engineers go to the location to take measurements.



With a technical project completed, it is time to go into production.
We proceed to produce each one of the previously studied phases in our network of specialized workshops.
At Eleán Buccó we split our workshops into the parts of production each works on in order to have greater control of our projects.
All of this under the supervision and constant quality control of our engineers.
The production phase is concluded with a last quality control prior to packaging, always according to the characteristics of the destination.

In our workshops we use CNC MECHANIZED CUTTING SYSTEMS on our boards, woods and composites. This allows a faster and more precise production of pieces as well as the creation of sophisticated prototypes and designs. Once the components have been manufactured and verified, they then pass to our POLISHING section.

We blend traditional treatments of wood such as gilding with products of the most advanced technology in order to offer cutting-edge finishes.

We also count on the support of professionals from the textile sector offering a wide range of materials and finishes for UPHOLSTERING. After a meticulous selection process we handcraft the piece, the details, personalization and quality of which are of utmost importance.

The growing demand for decorations with integrated metallic elements has led us in recent years to set up our own METAL WORKSHOP. After personalized consultation of the project, we develop the technical aspects of the product and commence work on soldering, bending, sheet folding, laser cutting and surface finishing.

We also have MARBLE WORKERS in charge of works in natural stone, quartz and porcelain to be included in our projects.
We utilize high quality materials for use on countertops, floors and walls.


Assembly &

The assembly and installation phase is the final touch of the project, as such the level of meticulousness is very high. Perfect materialization will result in what the clients see every day in their home, office, hotel. In order to ensure this, we offer an assembly service with the possibility of travelling anywhere in the world.
Our assemblers know the product as they have been present in its previous phases. This allows us to have full control of the project in its final phase, where the correct execution of details is key.